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Slip and Fall Injuries

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Wet Floor Victim

Injuries on public property or on business premises can arise from numerous incidents, the most common of which is when a person falls as a result of a hazardous condition on the property. Although many people are under the mistaken belief that any injury that occurs on another’s property results in automatic compensation for those injuries, that is not the case. Commercial and residential property owners do have a legal duty to keep their property safe for visitors; they are also responsible for injuries caused by hazardous conditions that they either created or knew about and did not take proper precautions to protect those who were on their property. Liability can rise from changes in the walking surface, which creates a tripping hazard, or poorly constructed floor ways, stairways or handrails.

The Law Office of Gregory E. Price has over 33 years of experience in handling premise liability cases. We promptly investigate the accident and provide each client with an evaluation of their case, while ensuring the client receives proper medical treatment and that bills are handled in a timely manner.

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